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water main break is causing some big problems in southeast d.c. and aden's main broke on south carolina avenue between kentucky and a 15th street. d.c. water says as many as 200 homes could be without service while their work to fix it. it could be 7:00 tonight before the repairs are finished. >>> if all the water heater is to blame for carbon monoxide issue that sent a dozen people to the hospital. this happen before 1:00 this morning in the 1200 block of first street in rockville. firefighters evacuated the building residence and took 11 of them to the hospital for treatment. >>> a fire heavily damaged an apartment building in the district. firefighters rescued nine people, from the three-story building on savannah st. se. it started in the first floor kitchen and was quickly brought under control although one family lost their home and two victims were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. >>> across the region we're finally getting a brief welcome break in the heat. steve rudin has the forecast. nice to see the temperature is not so close to 100. >> 89 degrees at reagan nation
neighborhood are spending their july for cleaning up the big mess from that -- from mother nature. the region was pounded with heavy rain fierce winds and skies full of lightning. >> i went downstairs and yelled to my parents that i was really scared. we huddled in the basement. >> and this is what many people saw once they step aside after the storm, down power lines and debris everywhere, including big bridges on top of cars and homes. >> i did not hear it fall because of all the wind. as soon as i looked out the window as of this huge chunk of mud instead of the tree. completely surprised. >> neighbors say what was most surprising about this storm was not just how powerful it was but how much damage it was able to do in the short amount of time people who were home at the time of the storms it only lasted a couple of minutes >> normally in this area, this stuff flies right over us. but last night it was just incredible. >> it kind of sounded like a tornado and it looked like a tornado. >> the nearby george washington parkway was also left a mess after the storm. several trees fell on the r
>>> we are following three big stories this afternoon. we begin with breaking news involving the death debate. president obama just issued another stern warning as another vote is on the horizon on capitol hill. jennifer is following the latest for us from the newsroom. >> lawmakers have until next tuesday to pass a bill that would allow the u.s. to borrow more money but they still have not done it. president came out this morning and told both parties to come to a compromise or everyone will suffer, and that, he says, is inexcusable. republican house speaker john boehner's response is that the debate is still on hold. the democrat majority leader is moving forward with his measure. the president said, "we are almost out of time. the country's credit rating could be lowered which would mean higher interest rates on car loans and mortgages." he says that must be avoided, so he is again calling americans to action urging them to tell their representatives to do their job. >> all the american people -- keep it up. if you want to see a bipartisan compromise, a bill that can pass
this morning. flames filled the night sky and big black smoke could be seen for several city blocks. the scenes sense owners rushing over to see the damage. all of them were shocked to find out something they worked so hard for went up in flames in a matter of minutes. >> i just bought the boats six months ago. >> if it's 40-foot speedboat was burned by the fire. he was just on the vote this weekend. >> i went out shopping for it yesterday. that boat is like my girlfriend. >> 9 is everything is gone, along with three others. the damage estimated at about a million dollars. fire officials say the fire broke out before 3:00 this morning. >> i had just renovated, quite a bit of money invested in it. now it's gone. >> firefighters if we're able to save a few votes by untying them from the docks, but others were not so lucky. >> is just a sad thing to be gone in such a short time. >> investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started. they believe right now started close to land. they are still counting their blessings the owners. >> good thing i was not on the boat. jummy olabanji, abc 7 n
into the district. the backup is blamed on a big hole in the ground. ddot crews worked quickly to repair the road. >> it did not help. >> this woman was word that the traffic tie it would force her to miss a flight at reagan national. >> i will make it, but it will be tight. >>> people are still cleaning up today after last night's storm that caused major damage and if you close calls. one woman was driving along massachusetts avenue when a limb of a tree flew into her car smashing her back window and her windshield missing her by mere inches. >> it was only angels above watching over me because i would have been dead. i will not come this way again ever. >> she managed to take shelter in someone else's car while help arrived. the storm caused flash flooding. for complete coverage of last night's storm and a gallery of photographs, you can log on to our website at now that the storms are gone and all that rain, we have the forecast. >>> the front brought in an inch or two zero across the area. the storm are now well gone. we have cooler and drier air. look at these temperatures outside.
that is just the best. -- that is just dust. >>> of big drowned first will down, and 70 miles per hour will hit the ground and spread out or. that out word spreading kicks up the best. those can roll and roll and roll. >> big trouble for allergy sufferers. around here we saw rain. watching -- washing the allergens out of the air. i have something to show you affect us right into weekend. similar to what i saw -- talk about yesterday. notice it was warmer northwest of the metro area. that is because they are seeing sunshine and clearing behind upper level energy that is still slowly moving through our region causing areas of rain and clouds still lingering locally. heavy downpour just over solomons island. this is slowly drifting to the northeast. there is not much push in our atmosphere. is typical july weather. what forms is very slow moving. this is hanging on tight. that is all drifting off. we saw very heavy rain moving virginia across potomac, and into st. mary's county. is the clearing on the satellite picture. beautiful afternoon in hagerstown. temperatures will to the warmthd the sun. i
. >> thank you. the heat wave is a big worry for thousands of people packing into the nation's capital. we are not the only part of the country baking in this heat. our coverage continues live from the national mall. >> many people are looking to get into the water or seek shade. throughout the day, the heat is going to keep on coming. >> it is awful. >> the scorching sun combined with the heat and humidity is making it a difficult day to be outdoors. >> it was 82 when i came in at 6:00 this morning. it is going to be hot. >> these sweltering conditions caused runners to hit the pavement early. >> in an hour, it will be too hot. >> also in an attempt to stay cool trash trucks in the district started an hour ahead of schedule. the heat index makes temperatures feel well above 100. and we are not alone. half of the lower 48 states have heat advisory's or warnings. in oklahoma, temperatures are rising. in illinois, the heat claimed the life of a man whose air conditioner was not working. >> we get increasing calls. it takes a toll. people need to hydrate, a slowdown. >> across washington, man
are trying to figure out what sparked a big plays in accokeek -- big blaze in accokeek. it took hours of tough work to finally extinguished the flames. fortunately, no one was hurt and no buildings were damaged. >>> our week of the sweltering heat is almost over, and we are looking at severe weather this afternoon. steve rudin has more. >> the bigger story another 98- degree-plus a day to 91 currently at reagan national airport. the cooler air is out there. look for a warm afternoon 88- 93. but the humidity levels, the dew point level, will start to fall. what can expect sides beautiful weather? i will have the fuld forecast in just -- the fuld forecast in just a few minutes. >> a virginia employment agency worker is facing charges of sexually assaulting a woman who was trying to find work. detectives say he locked the woman in a room at the world employment agency in annandale forced her to watch pornography and then assaulted her. police arrested and charged choon sik lee in annandale. detectives say a similar incident happened to another woman in may. >>> a second employee at a mar
big vacation after his retirement. >> i heard people yelling. my brother got up and looked out of the hallway and said, get out, get out! >> the vessel named the eric sank 60 miles south of the california peninsula in what is described as a freak storm. two giant waves hit the boat, causing it to go under. >> extremely high winds and water contributed to the conditions. >> one is dead and the search has been expanded for the seven missing kerik >> right now, i am not missing just my brother but a friend and a fishing companion. >> the missing tourists could still be alive because of the favorable conditions. calm waters and the temperature is about 77 degrees. 19 of the tourists and all the crew members have been rescued. they had spent 16 hours in the water. barry m. glenn long had spent 15 hours floating in the c. >> now they can focus on is finding the missing brother. >> we are not leaving until we find him one way or another. >> helicopters and boats have been searching and the u.s. coast guard has a huge aircraft on the scene to aid in the search. >>> we have a breaking o
like zack pritchett. >> it is actually going to do some big damage. >> for the landscapers to cannot escape the heat and for those who will fight fires in at. they came to help them forget. >> it is a connection between the heart and the sole. -- soul. >> is 87 degrees here in the district, and the headlines reflect that. >> thank you for that report. officials at the manassas national battlefield park are taken precautions to keep visitors safe. they are canceling all programs from 2:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. this afternoon. tomorrow and sunday, thousands of reactors will brave the heat to reenact the first battle of manassas the first major battle of the civil war. this week marks the battle's 150th anniversary. they are ready for heavy traffic around the park, especially on route 29 and reached 234. there is no question he is uncomfortable, but it is also dangerous. many states are baking under some sort of heat advisory and it has been blamed for nearly two dozen deaths. many doctors are urging you to limit your time outdoors if you can, no matter your age or state of health. >> pe
strapped. >> it does not tackle the deficit in a meaningful way. in order to reach a big deal, both sides may need to blink. >> one day after president obama became the first commander in chief to live tweet one of his 20s will challengers -- one of his 2012 challengers will host a facebook form in her window iowa. >>> morgan stanley says it has lost two cds containing client information. it has social security numbers personally controls, account and a tax id numbers. they were lost while in transit to a government agency. morgan stanley is notifying affected customers. >>> homeland security officials say al qaeda may be trying a new tactic to fool airport security. surgically in planting explosives inside the body of a suicide bomber. the tsa is warning that the so- called belly bomb is designed to get around airport screening methods. >> we have a precautionary matter with their foreign counterparts and the u.s. citizens to fly overseas. >> they are not sure it would be enough to bring down an airplane. the white house says it is not surprising that terrorist groups are looking into bo
kick goal for the u.s. victory. the historic win comes 12 years after this big three on home soil for the u.s. that inspired the imagination of a generation of the all-american girls. >> this team wants to create its own storybook ending. >> with germany losing on friday, the americans are likely the favorites to claim their first title since 1999. next, a semifinal date for france on wednesday. >> quite a game. >>> the final copy of britain oppose the biggest tabloid hit the newsstands on the weekend. incited last addition, the "news of the world issued a full-page apology. the paper's owner robert rorschach is in london trying to deal with the crisis surrounding the $33 billion media empire. no rest are expected over the phone hacking scandal that brought down the news of the world. >>> the death toll in russia has climbed to 41 people after an overcrowded progress sank in the river. eight people are still missing. the cruise ship was carrying 208 people when it down a mountain -- when it went down two miles offshore. it was only license to carry 120 people. 80 survivors were pu
the flames out and no one was hurt. >>> crews are on the scene of two big water main breaks in southeast washington at this hour. one of the six-teen-inch water main breaks broke last by. >> when i came home last night it was bubbling industry. dc water was here. it was not near a store or manhole cover. -- it was not near a sewer or manhole cover. i had no water this morning that of the brakes may not be fixed until 8:00 tonight. the roads are closed up in those areas so you can expect traffic diversions and delays. >>> is another picture perfect day outside but will the temperatures start to climb for the weekend? steve rudin has details and a first look at our forecast. >>> enjoy the weather today because things will start to change as we move into the weekend. winchester is at 77 degrees and reagan national airport is one degree warmer and 79 degrees in fredericksburg. high pressure is now just about to move off the coast. once that happens that will signal a change in air mass and things will start to heat up and it will become much more humid outside. changes are on the way with da
at that moment then 30 minutes before we got the green and it was a go. so everyone gave a big cheer and gathered by the water and saw something special. this four-person crew. it's four people instead of the typical six or seven people because there's not another shuttle that can go up and retrieve them in case they can't return on atlantis, they would have to rely on the russian caps sule. so a four-person crew. and the theme today was history and emotion. everybody used the word emotion when describing people crying out here. just a really special day out here at the cape. >> all right. emotions running high. scott, thanks so much for that live report. >> and for the nasa visors watching, it was a bittersweet feeling. continuing our breaking news coverage live at the space flight center. >> at the auditorium here, it is now empty but it was packed. standing room only as people gathered to watch the final mission. this room was silent as everybody waited for takeoff. >> zeroo and liftoff. >> there were many people here. people started to fill in ar
plan and some 62 big for congress to act on with only a week and one day left until the august 2 deadline. >> we will be tracking the latest of elements on the congressional showdown throughout the afternoon. if you want updates, 24 hours a day, click on our home page and the debt debate tab. >>> new developments in the nfl lockout. sources tell the associated press the owners and the players have agreed to terms of a deal. the players began arriving this morning in d.c. expected to vote today. the owners voted last week on a proposal. if the players sign off training camp could open as early as wednesday. >>> return to the weather it is comfortable compared to the record highs we experienced earlier in the week. we're on storm watch this afternoon. it looks like some rain in the area. >> the last 45 minutes or so, tracking a lot of showers. a few pop up, some are intense. another cell over the heart of the city northeast of the capital toward the college park area. no lightning been detected currently, but the bright red color indicates pretty heavy downpours. most of the system
. >>> still ahead, we'll come back >>> time is running out -- we have another big ipad2 giveaway on our facebook page and go to the deadline to enter is today at 4:00 p.m. and we will announce the lucky winners name on abc 7 news at 5:00. >>> the u.s. shuttle mission is over and we know the future of the international space station. nine years from now russia and its partners plan to plunge the international space station into the ocean. the russian agency said the iss is too heavy to be left in space as space junk and will keep using the station until 2020. it was lost in 1998 and was expected to stay in space for about 15 years. think about the billions of dollars that went into creating a bad. >> they did a lot of important research >>> are you ready for the heat and humidity? >> it is coming back. temperatures will be in the mid 90's tomorrow and 100 on friday. the chance for showers sunday and monday.
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16